Doctoral examination

The 9th of March 2011.

 The last four years I have been striving toward this day: reading, thinking, searching, computing, finding, writing, discussing, and presenting it all in 20 minutes. It is a bit like climbing a mountain, with extensive preparations and dedicated work until finally reaching the peak at the end. What a relief and joy to share it with so many friends, colleagues, and family! Thank you all for coming and for your support during this time! Below are some snapshots of the day.

Janet Hering, Professor at ETH Zurich and Chair of the examination Jafet Andersson during the presentation Explaining the approach The impacts on smallholder maize yields with the investigated techniques Alexander Zehnder, Scientific Director of the Alberta Water Research Institute and co-supervisor of the Ph.D. project Family and friends during the presentation Congratulations by Alexander Zehnder Congratulations by Bernhard Wehrli, Professor at ETH Zurich and supervisor of the Ph.D. project Examination committee: Janet Hering, Bernhard Wehrli, Hong Yang, and Alexander Zehnder Hong Yang, Senior scientist at Eawag and co-supervisor of the Ph.D. project Congratulations by my father Ingemar, mother Solveig, and sister Sabina Congratulations by my mother Solveig Congratulations by my fiancée Elisabeth Swedish folkmusic performed by Ursina Bösch and her friend The Swedish apéro Swedish home-made meatballs, cherry tomatoes, Swiss Tête de Moine cheese, and Swedish tunnbröd med skagenröra - delicious! Friends at the apéro Alexander Zehnder and Janet Hering At the apéro At the apéro with Manouchehr Amini At the apéro with Alfred and Lucy Tobler Alfred and Lucy Tobler, and Peter Schellenberg Daddy Ingemar and fiancée Elisabeth at the apéro Examination committee at the apéro Dinner at mexican restaurant Tres Amigos Dinner at mexican restaurant Tres Amigos A multi-cultural event: Iranians, Ghanaians, Chinese, Mexican, German, Swiss, and of course Swedish Together with Shouke Wei, Manouchehr Amini, and Marcus Bergagård


0 # RE: Doctoral examinationIngemar Andersson 2011-03-31 21:32
Thank for a great day we got together - Once again congratulations / Daddy
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+1 # RE: Doctoral examinationElisabeth 2011-04-03 21:11
Grattis igen! Det var roligt att fira med dig. Snygga bilder du har fått upp. Jag såg också att man ser din symbol/ikon uppe i flik fönstret när hemsidan är öppen... Har inte sett det förut. Ser mycket bra ut!
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0 # RE: Doctoral examinationElin G 2011-04-04 17:05
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0 # RE: Doctoral examinationJafet 2011-04-04 17:07
Tack Elin! Det var en rolig om än krävande dag! Hoppas vi ses o hörs snart!
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0 # RE: DrToni 2011-07-16 17:05
Congratulations Dr. Jafet! Wishing you a long happy career. All the best, Toni
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+1 # RE: DrJafet 2011-07-17 17:07
Thanks Toni! It's been quite a challenge but I'm happy to be done now! Hope you're doing great and that we'll meet again soon!
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