Solution to the Joooid image upload failure problem


All right, so the people over at have made a great job creating a nice Android app for Joomla!

 I installed it on my Joomla! website and it worked good except for one thing: when I tried to upload photos with Joooid it looked as if the upload worked (no error messages) but no images were showing in the newly created article :( And there was no folder called '/images/joooid' either. I tried several things to solve this (manually creating folders, folder permissions etc.) until I found the problem and the solution:

The Joooid app apparently uploads the images to the folder defined in the Media Manager Options, but when creating the image link in the article it still refers to the default '/images/joooid' folder. Since I had changed the folder in the Media Manager, the link obviously did not work.

The simple solution was to create a symbolic link in ./images to ./MEDIA/joooid. When logged in via ssh to the Linux server I navigated to the ./images folder of my Joomla installation and I used the following bash command:

ln -s ../MEDIA/joooid

If you want to use it you should just replace MEDIA with whatever your folder name is.

I thought I'd share this so for others with the same problem.