Stories from my life

Pivotal moments that changed my life.


The Wedding in pictures

A photo exhibition of our wedding in Spånga kyrka and the subsequent celebrations at Drakudden on 4th June 2011!

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Helvetica, Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Svizra

I belive in Hell, but I sure did not expect to get a letter from it through the mail!

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Maun, Botswana

There was rain! After months of dry, hot, hazy and sandy conditions, the showers of the skies were like a kiss from above.

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Linköping, Sweden

Never did I imagine that moving only 130 km in my own home country would require a language course prior to casual communication! But all this was already taken care of by the natives who were well acquainted with the linguistic challenges facing those moving to Oösterjoötlan trying to learn the native Oöshöttska tounge.

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Davis, California - ZIP 95616

The land of the free – finally I would get there. I'd heard so much about it, both good and bad, in fact everyone seemed to have some sort of opinion about the Yankees. For "Yankees" was but a metaphor for "Americans" and really had nothing to do with baseball or New York at all. And that's partly why I knew I had to go.

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The Scottish Highlands

"The Gnarly River of Death!", Iain MacKinnon exclaimed as the rest of the crowd in that old Fiat minibus were eerily quiet while the tension in the atmosphere grew stronger by the minute. We were approaching one of those magnificent, roaring Scottish highland rivers that only true Kayakers would dare to paddle. The rain was pouring, as you would expect on the verge of the Atlantic, and despite BLT lunch and hot chocolate, it was Baltic.

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Backpacking through Asia

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Swedish Army Music Band

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Jönköping, Sweden

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Cyangugu, Rwanda

So far away, and yet not scared at all...

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