Cyangugu, Rwanda

So far away, and yet not scared at all...

the little Swedish boy found himself playing in the huge pile of sand that his dad, who was storing the sand for future use in his missionary/ builder job, had put there earlier. Soon, he lost the attention for the tractors in favour of the sweet Mapera fruit just a few short sprints away on the U-shaped dirt road connecting the mission station with the rest of Cyangugu, and the rest of Rwanda and the World for that matter. The Mapera trees were low enough for a 5 year old to climb, but still high enough, once you got all the way up to the swaying crowns, to enjoy the breath-taking view of Lake Kivu and the surrounding lush, green forests of Rwanda and Zaïre (now DR Congo), much to his mother's - who was a nurse - dislike. Such simple, presumed were the formative years that when the boy came back to Sweden at the age of 10, six and a half of which were spent in Africa, he was an African in culture and manners - he'd say hello to everyone walking by, and groan as soon as the shoes had to be worn - the only thing that wasn't African was the colour of his skin.


0 # AmaperaJean Paul 2011-07-26 20:18
I had almost forget Amapera, I did eat too much Mapera I tought They will grow up in my estomac.
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