Jönköping, Sweden

 Jönköping by night

Jönköping by night. Image credit: www.rt129.se


The cool bike, the nice jacket, the hip trainers, and all the other things that suddenly were absolutely essential for every form of existence, at least if you happened to go to this school, and probably to most other schools in Sweden as well. In confusion, he had to grow up from a naïve, protected child to a complicated near teenager in just a few months. The endeavours were many: bike racing, playing the piano, the euphonium, the cornet and the French horn, singing in choirs, checking out girls, telemarking skiing, and many other things. So notoriously bad was the bike career that it was easily given up for a thorough pursuit of the art of French horn playing, much to the older sisters' dislike having to suffer endless scales of hollow, brassy noise. The implication of having academically very successful older sisters - to study - escalated for every year to the point where life was entirely about learning the material of complex books and lectures, and writing challenging reports in English, occasionally broken up by a few hours of French horn playing. Since rule of life number 1 (that the most important thing in life is loving relationships ) was dishonoured in the spring of 1998 in preparation for the final exams for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, a promise was made never to study as hard again but to always put aside time for pursuing relationships. That principle still stands.



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