Linköping, Sweden

Never did I imagine that moving only 130 km in my own home country would require a language course prior to casual communication! But all this was already taken care of by the natives who were well acquainted with the linguistic challenges facing those moving to Oösterjoötlan trying to learn the native Oöshöttska tounge.

Where better to begin than in the Rotunda of the Bjärka-Säby Castle. No other place could match the Rotunda in its acoustic vibrance and ability to bring out the nuances of every vowel. Conditions were perfect, and yet two factors destined every attempt to utter failure - the pronounciation and the posture. Just imagine trying to say "Wiktit wolit höddödu! Kanoouuners!" while stooping and squinting as an expression of appreciation and joy. Didn't come very far in this tounge, I have to confess.

Well aware of the difficulties, the natives prepared an exquisite certificate and a succulent dinner as a comfort to all of us that didn't quite make the entrance exams. To all this, but one thing I can say: Wiktit wolit höddödu! Kanoouuners!

Also here were the friendships deep, many and very much appreciated. I was deeply encouraged during my Master's years by the fact that there are so many good and genuine people to be found even in my home country.