Scripts & Software

Here I share various scripts and software that I have developed or contributed to.



HYPE - HYdrological Predictions for the Environment

The HYdrological Predictions for the Environment (HYPE) mathematical model is a semi-distributed, process-oriented hydrological model. It is written in Fortran and developed by an open-source community at

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BitDefender Autoscanner Bash Script

Some time ago BitDefender released their Antivirus scanner for Linux (& Unix etc.). The scanner cost some money on Windows, but for personal use on Linux it is free. Hence I have given it a try on Ubuntu and so far I'm pleased with it. It is reasonably fast and has both a GUI and command-line interface, and integrates well with Nautilus. However, I lacked one feature: to set up an automatic scanning of a defined directory at regular time intervals. So, I went ahead and created my own autoscanner bash script. I figured someone else may need the same so I release it here.

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