BitDefender Autoscanner Bash Script

Some time ago BitDefender released their Antivirus scanner for Linux (& Unix etc.). The scanner cost some money on Windows, but for personal use on Linux it is free. Hence I have given it a try on Ubuntu and so far I'm pleased with it. It is reasonably fast and has both a GUI and command-line interface, and integrates well with Nautilus. However, I lacked one feature: to set up an automatic scanning of a defined directory at regular time intervals. So, I went ahead and created my own autoscanner bash script. I figured someone else may need the same so I release it here.


Version 2012-08-21 is now released! A few fixes were made but the major update is notification to users. The user is notified on his/her desktop for the following events:

  • a scan is taking place
  • infected files
  • files suspected of being infected
  • files moved to the quarantine
  • disinfected files
  • other warnings


Useful links


Free License:



Cron on Ubuntu:



0 # script userleeuwtjex 2012-10-29 15:25
Hi Jafet Andersson,

Wow even a real person checker on this site. Like I am logging in at my bank site. Nice wedding by the way.

I just wanted to add this note to say thanks for the bd script.
I liked it and configured it to use it for my linux system. it works. It saves
a big fat linux commercial security system installation. Your script completes the bitdefender unices functionality.

Only point I have, I will try to modificate it, is the way the interval is counting the next scan time. You see a bitdefender scan on my system takes a couple of hours. Than after finishing the log file is saved in your script. This implifies, that the next scan will be te choosen interval time + the time the last scan took. So, every next time the scan will start a bit later due, to the time bitdefender needs to complete te scanning....

We should find a way to adjust your script to check the system date and than count out the interval. It would be more accurate. Nevertheless my compliments! it is a very smart script you wrote there. Thanks again.

By, the way. The free license:
doesn't seem to work anymore. I requested a key 3 times now by email, but there is no response.

Greetings from Holland, Dirk.
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0 # Response to leeuwtjexJafet 2012-10-30 14:12
Hello Dirk,

I'm glad you found the script useful! I thought this was the obvious lacking feature in the original dowload.

You are right about the scan interval. For the version 2012-08-21 the interval defines the time since the end of the last scan until the begining of the new scan. For long and frequent scans, this can be quite different from the time between the start of each scan.

A quick-fix could be to see how long a scan normally takes and reduce the interval length with that time (in your case a couple of hours). A more elaborate solution would be to change the definition of the interval and modify the script accordingly (e.g. writing another small file whose sole purpose is to indicate the starting time of the scan). You may need to add a check on the scanning though that no other (long) scan has not yet been finished. You are free to give it a try if you want!

By the way, I have no clue regarding the licence issue. I hope you get in touch with them in some way or another.

All the best,

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